Sunday, November 9, 2014

Needle Felted Luna

I wanted to get back into blogging. It's been a long time since I've updated this, so I wanted to start with one of my favorite crafts. Needle felting. 

I made a poseable needle felted Luna. 

You'll need roving, felting needles, wire, and a felting mat. 

It's super easy to make your own, so here's the step by step photos:

First you're going to need to make a metal armature.  I used leftover Christmas hooks, but any thin easily bendable wire will work. If you're new to bending the wire I suggest using a picture that's the same size as the pony you'd like to make, and use it as a guide for where to put the joints. 

Take your roving and roll it into a ball a little larger than you'll want your finished head. Then form it around the armature and stab with your felting needle until firmly affixed to your armature. You shouldn't need any glue to hold it in place. For the ears roll a pea sized chunk of roving into a flat disk. Again stab with the felting needle till firm, then stab again to affix to the head. As you've probably guessed it needle felting is mostly roll and stab. 

Here's with the front legs mostly done and part of the abdomin. I also made the horn. You may need just a touch of fabric glue to achieve the fine point on the end of the horn. 

Here's with the rear legs attached. Notice that I left the abdomin still quite thin. That is so I can easily add the wings. 

The easiest way to make the wings is to roll the roving between your fingers till they resemble long flour petals. I usually place the armature along the top curve of the wing for poseability. You can also see I've started adding detailing. 

The armature inside the wing allows it to be bent nicely for different poses. 
Here I've added the cutiemark, crown, and hoof decorations. For the tail I too a long piece of roving and rolled one end into a plug. Then using the needle I stabbed it into place. Again you shouldn't need any glue if you're properly felting as you go along. 

Then I started adding the eyes. You should make sure all of your details on the head are exactly how you want before adding the mane. The biggest tip I can give for the mane is to stab a groove along where you want to attach the mane. This recess allows you to firmly attach the mane to aide brushing and styling. 

To curl the mane I gently wet it and rolled it around a straw. That gives a nice soft curl. 

Finally you'll want to defuzz your piece. As you can see the bottom of the leg has been defuzzed. Use a small, sharp pair of scissors, and carefully clip close to the surface. That's it then. You'll have your finished piece.