Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Wendsday

Halloween Flower
Felt (Orange, Yellow, Black, Dark Green, Light Green)
Large Button
Embroidery Floss
Hair clip

This is for the Halloween flower, but the same pattern can be used to make all different flowers.

Take a 3x5 card. Fold and cut to make a perfect square 3x3.

Use this as a template to cut out a square in Orange, Yellow,and Black.

Use the remaining 2x3 piece of card as a template to cut out both greens. This should be a little bigger than the hair clip. Cut the Green Felt into a leaf shape. Remember to keep enough room to sew the clip in.

Fold the 3x3 piece of paper according to the diagram and cut the open edge to form the petals of a flower.

Open and use this as a template to cut the 3x3 squares of felt. Stack the felt flowers. Black on the bottom, then yellow, and orange on top.

Tuck into hand like the picture and sew the base to create a pucker.

Then sew a circle about an inch in from the edge with a running stitch. Pull the loose edge of the running stitch to create the final 3D effect.

Sew on the dark green leaf to the base of the flower. Then sew the button into the center.

Take the light green leaf and cut a small hole to put the open piece of the hair clip through. Sew the clip firmly onto the light green leaf.

Blanket stitch both halves of the leaf together.

All done! Enjoy :D


  1. Wow, Reece!! This is so adorable! I love it, and now I totally want to make it!! <3 Great job, and great tutorial.

  2. So very cute and quick! I am going to make this over the weekend ^_^

  3. Thank you both. :) The entire process takes about 30 minutes. I find it very relaxing to make a whole bunch of them XD