Monday, September 27, 2010

DIY Rant

Who knew that pulling up a carpet and taking out the tack strips would be so much work? Certainly I didn't this morning when I endeavored to remove the most hideous hall carpet known to man. Since then I have found hardwood floor, which I am pleased about. I have broken two nails, and my feet/whole body is killing me! Maybe I'll just leave the bedroom carpeting where it is now that I've had this little experience :*(


  1. I feel your pain. I pulled up carpeting in the hall and my kids' room a few months ago and wound up with a tetanus shot. It was so gross I wonder why anyone thought carpet was a good idea. I'm much happier with area rugs over the cement until I get around to installing the wood. At least I can take the rugs outside and wash them when they get nasty.

  2. I agree. While I love touching down on carpet just after getting out of bed I'd much rather have an easier to clean surface. With dogs it's especially more practical. I guess I'm lucky that there was good flooring underneath the carpet. I'll take pictures in the morning :)