Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anime Day!

I just watched Chance Pop Session today. This show is great for a marathon afternoon. It's short, only 13 episodes, but each one is better than the next. It's about 3 girls who were separated at birth. They have a chance meeting at a concert for their idol Reika. At the concert each of the girls get an application for the same music school Reika graduated from. Eventually they learn they're related. I can't say any more or I'd spoil it. I really recommend this to the shojo fans. :D
The music stuck with me so much I just ordered the CD! I cannot say how much I am loving this show right now.
Manga Sidenote

As you know I've been watching Yumeiro Patissiere. I am in total LOVE with that show. I recently found a manga that reminds me a lot of it called Kitchen Princess. This is seriously one of the best Shojo mangas I've read this year. Najika Kazami, has a special talent. She can recreate any dish that she tastes perfectly from memory. Not only is the art so cute the food looks delicious! There's even recipes for some of the things prepared in each chapter. YUM! Please read this manga :D


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  1. I completely agree. Kitchen Princess is so good, and the Art is amazing! I've even made one or five of the treats in the back of the books. They are as fun to make as the Manga is to read!