Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY Wendsday

Hime Lampshade
Items needed:
Old lampshade
Hot glue gun

I rescued this old lamp from the garbage a few months ago. I had to redo the light kit and most of the wiring inside it. I finally finished the lamp, but I had no lampshade for it. Last week I was on my walk and spotted this old beaten up partially melted lampshade. It still had good bones to it so I decided to fix it up.

I started by gluing lace around the top. This helped hide the melted part where at one point a bulb had burned the lampshade. It also helped cover the fraying gold cording.

Then I glued on pearls to cover the edge of the lace.
I glued lace on the bottom, and covered the edge with ribbon. This hid a burn on the bottom edge and more torn gold edging.
Finally I capped it off with pearls along the bottom.

I hope that you enjoyed my lampshade restoration, and that it inspires you to recycle and reuse old items. I personally enjoy rehabbing old furniture and household items into something new.

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